After your candle is completely finished burning, soak it in hot, soapy water for five minutes.

Remove completely, all wax residue, labels, wick, and wick tab from the jar. Bring your cleaned jar to the store, tell us which fragrance you wish to have it refilled with.

Within less than a week we will give you a call to pick up your new candle!

Beacon D'Lites Inc. has

Gone Green Our pillar jars are refillable



6 oz Pillar  -    New $18.99  -  Refill $14.99

10 oz Pillar  -  New $24.99  -  Refill $20.99

16 oz Pillar  -  New $29.99  -  Refill $25.99

**  There is $1.00 charge for unclean jars  **